FAQ's + policies


Free shipping means your package will be sent via letter mail with no tracking number. Lip Service Beauty is not responsible for how long a package will take to arrive. Should an unreasonable amount of time pass, contact us and we'll make it right! 

Expedited Shipping means you will receive a tracking number. Please note due to covid restraints, next day is no longer guaranteed with Canada Post.



Anything that can be sent letter mail (meaning it will fit into an envelope and into a standard mail slot) ie: lip balms, lip gloss would qualify for free shipping. 

Our glass and larger products (ie: DIY kits, lip oils, lip scrubs, bath bombs) need to be sent package mail. We carefully wrap your glass products to protect them during transit. These packages are not only larger in size but also weigh more.

As a small business we do our very best to bring you competitive shipping prices and also absorb a lot of costs. Remember that we also have to pay for (and are NEVER factored into your cost): boxes, bubble wrap, labels, stamps, freebies that we often include - so please go easy on us when thinking our shipping costs are too much. Please reach out to us at support@lipservicebeauty.ca should you ever have any further questions around our shipping. 



We do not allow returns or exchanges due to the potential contamination of product once opened. Our ingredients are all transparently listed on every label and we stand behind the high quality of our products.

Should you receive an incorrect order, damaged product or are unhappy in any way, we will always make it right. Please contact us at support@lipservicebeauty.ca



- Are your products gluten free? We do not use any ingredients with gluten currently.

- Are your products nut free? We use shea butter in our lip scrubs and lip gloss. Although we use entirely separate equipment to make these products; we cannot completely guarantee a nut free claim. 

- Is it safe for essential oils to be in a puppy paw salve? Our formulas are created with the expertise of a certified aromatherapist and consults with a cosmetic scientist. Our puppy paw salve is diluted safely with coconut oil and beeswax being the carriers and we use 1-2 drops of essential oils per batch. We recommend always patch testing first and monitoring your dogs reaction before fully applying to all paws. Please note, our puppy paw salve is intended for dogs only and should NEVER be used on cats or any other pets. 

- Why don't you use kraft tubes all the time? We look at several factors when selecting our packaging. We are proud to share that 100% of our packaging manufactured in Canada or the US, we do not source oversees. While we understand the appeal of paper kraft tubes to some; the majority do not enjoy the discomfort of the application. There are also sanitary issues that can come with paper kraft tubes; the lids don't "seal" and there's no way to ensure the tubes are 100% clean. Our BPA free plastic tubes are sourced from the US, are FDA approved, are recyclable (once cleaned) and guaranteed sanitary. We do offer kraft paper tubes for wholesale clients + larger custom orders. Contact us for more information.