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We believe wholeheartedly that ingredients matter. We source everything from our raw materials to packaging as locally and ethically as possible. Our mission is to be anything but "lip service" and be fully transparent about our ingredients and process.

We love community and have partnered with several other women led, like minded companies to co-create product. 

We are the proud recipient of: 

- 2024 PLATINUM Niagara Community Votes Award in the category of cosmetics & perfumes

- 2024 Canadian Choice Award in the category of beauty

- 2024 LuxLife Health & Beauty Award for Best Small Batch Ethical Cosmetic Business Canada 


Howdy! I'm ANNETTE the founder of LSB. I endured a major health scare a few years back which ultimately inspired me into starting a natural, ethical and plant based beauty brand. After being frustrated with complicated ingredient listings, I knew there had to be a simpler way.

I am a former corporate hustler with an educational background in: merchandising, marketing, culinary and am a certified aromatherapist. 

* for more information on my career, please visit my LinkedIn profile:

The philosophy of "ingredients matter" came from realizing that everyone and everything in your life can make you better. What you eat, what you put on your body, who you choose to surround yourself with. I wanted to create beauty products that are fun, effective and with ingredients that you can pronounce or identify easily. I wanted to collaborate with and support other like-minded small businesses to bring the ultimate product assortment to you.

It gives me great joy to help others FEEL BEAUTIFUL while making these products with my own two hands. I am so grateful for all of you and your support - #JobLove times a million xo

Annette is also the recipient of the Top 40 Under 40 Niagara Business Achievement Award, class of 2021. 



CRYSTAL our EVENTS SPECIALIST is always happy to jump in and help whenever she’s needed. During covid, she helped us deliver orders locally and is always willing to sticker and brainstorm! Her positivity makes her an absolute joy to work with. Here’s more about Crystal:

“I am a mom of two little ones. I love working with people because it allows me to meet others from all walks of life. I have been working in customer service / retail for 13 years. Even though work requires me to be outgoing and social in my every day life, I am very much an introvert. If I had to pick a favourite product, it would be the lash growth elixir or the lemon lavender lip balm.”